The biomappings database can be downloaded directly from GitHub.


The manually curated portions of these data are available under the CC0 1.0 Universal License.

Programmatic Access

There are three main functions exposed from biomappings. Each loads a list of dictionaries with the mappings in each.

import biomappings

true_mappings = biomappings.load_mappings()

false_mappings = biomappings.load_false_mappings()

predictions = biomappings.load_predictions()

Alternatively, you can use the above links to the TSVs on GitHub in with the library or programming language of your choice.

The data can also be loaded as networkx graphs with the following functions:

import biomappings

true_graph = biomappings.get_true_graph()

false_graph = biomappings.get_false_graph()

predictions_graph = biomappings.get_predictions_graph()

The source code can be found at It is licensed under the MIT License.