This site and accompanying package are a resource for informing you what the latest version of each biological database is. Last updated on 2023-09-29 (revision 547) by runner.

This site also includes Bioschemas annotations, which aims to improve the findability of life sciences resources such as datasets, software, and training materials. These annotations can either appear on the original site, or on a website (like this one) that indexes it or provides additional information. The further information here, for example, is the link to the BioRegistry. The JSON-LD annotation will make it easier for other tools to recognize the content of the table. This includes the Google Dataset finder, besides Bioschemas itself.

Legend: πŸ“₯ means the resource reports the date of each release, πŸ“… means the date of release was inferred based on the date when the latest version was retrieved, πŸ’‘ means the date was inferred by the version string.

Prefix Name Version Date
nomen A nomenclatural ontology for biological names 2019-04-17 -πŸ’‘
agro Agronomy Ontology 2022-11-02 -πŸ’‘
afo Allotrope Merged Ontology Suite 2023/06 -πŸ’‘
ado Alzheimer's Disease Ontology 2023-09-20 2023-09-28πŸ“…
amphx Amphioxus Development and Anatomy Ontology (AMPHX) 2020-12-18 -πŸ’‘
ecocore An ontology of core ecological entities 2022-03-09 -πŸ’‘
aeo Anatomical Entity Ontology 2014-12-05 -πŸ’‘
atol Animal Trait Ontology for Livestock 2018-09-13 -πŸ’‘
aro Antibiotic Resistance Ontology 2019-10-24 -πŸ’‘
antibodyregistry Antibody Registry 3.0 2021-10-10πŸ“…
apollosv Apollo Structured Vocabulary 2023-06-02 -πŸ’‘
apollo_sv Apollo Structured Vocabulary (Apollo-SV) 4.1.1 2021-02-04πŸ“…
apo Ascomycete phenotype ontology 2023-09-05 -πŸ’‘
co_366 Bambara groundnut ontology 2019-12-23 -πŸ’‘
co_325 Banana ontology 2019-10-09 -πŸ’‘
co_323 Barley ontology 2019-11-20 -πŸ’‘
bfo Basic Formal Ontology 2019-08-26 -πŸ’‘
co_333 Beet Ontology ontology 2019-01-23 -πŸ’‘
bcgo Beta Cell Genomics Ontology 2015-07-08 -πŸ’‘
BiGG 1.6.0 2019-10-31πŸ“₯
bila Bilateria anatomy 2019-06-12 -πŸ’‘
bao BioAssay Ontology 2.8.8 2023-09-28πŸ“…
Biofacquim 1.0 2021-01-03πŸ“…
biogrid BioGRID 4.4.225 2023-09-01πŸ“…
edam Bioinformatics operations, data types, formats, identifiers and topics 2019-07-17 -πŸ’‘
bco Biological Collections Ontology 2021-11-14 -πŸ’‘
fbbi Biological Imaging Methods Ontology 2020-11-06 -πŸ’‘
bspo Biological Spatial Ontology 2023-05-27 -πŸ’‘
co_345 Brachiaria ontology 2019-10-09 -πŸ’‘
co_348 Brassica ontology 2019-11-29 -πŸ’‘
bto BRENDA tissue / enzyme source 2021-10-26 -πŸ’‘
bto Brenda Tissue Ontology 2021-02-09 -πŸ’‘
bto BRENDA Tissue Ontology 2021-10-26 -πŸ’‘
wbphenotype C elegans Phenotype Ontology 2021-04-09 -πŸ’‘
wbls C. elegans Development Ontology 2021-04-09 -πŸ’‘
wbls C. elegans development ontology 2023-07-10 -πŸ’‘
wbbt C. elegans Gross Anatomy Ontology 2023-09-14 -πŸ’‘
wbphenotype C. elegans phenotype 2023-07-10 -πŸ’‘
cvdo Cardiovascular Disease Ontology 2020-03-05 -πŸ’‘
co_334 Cassava ontology 2019-10-09 -πŸ’‘
co_347 Castor bean ontology 2019-10-09 -πŸ’‘
cco Cell Cycle Ontology 2016-03-23 -πŸ’‘
clo Cell Line Ontology 2.1.178 2022-03-26πŸ“…
cl Cell Ontology 2023-09-21 -πŸ’‘
cl Cell Type Ontology 2021-03-05 -πŸ’‘
cellosaurus Cellosaurus 46.0 2023-06-28πŸ“₯
cmpo Cellular Microscopy Phenotype Ontology 2017-12-19 -πŸ’‘
ceph Cephalopod Ontology 2016-01-12 -πŸ’‘
chebi ChEBI 225 2023-09-02πŸ“…
chiro ChEBI Integrated Role Ontology 2015-11-23 -πŸ’‘
chembl ChEMBL 33 2023-05-31πŸ“₯
nfdi4chem.cao Chemical Analysis Ontology 0.2 2023-05-11πŸ“…
cheminf Chemical Information Ontology 2.1.0 2023-09-28πŸ“…
chmo Chemical Methods Ontology 2022-04-19 -πŸ’‘
chemidplus ChemIDplus 2023-02-22 2023-02-22πŸ“₯
co_338 Chickpea ontology 2019-10-09 -πŸ’‘
cido CIDO: Ontology of Coronavirus Infectious Disease 1.0.187 2021-03-09πŸ“…
labo clinical LABoratory Ontology 2021-06-08 -πŸ’‘
cmo Clinical measurement ontology 2.191 -πŸ’‘
cto Clinical Trials Ontology 1.0.0 2022-01-11πŸ“…
clo CLO: Cell Line Ontology 2.1.162 2021-02-02πŸ“…
clyh Clytia hemisphaerica Development and Anatomy Ontology 2020-05-29 -πŸ’‘
clyh Clytia hemisphaerica Development and Anatomy Ontology (CLYH) 2020-05-29 -πŸ’‘
colao Coleoptera Anatomy Ontology 2023-04-08 -πŸ’‘
clao Collembola Anatomy Ontology 2021-09-27 -πŸ’‘
caro Common Anatomy Reference Ontology 2023-03-15 -πŸ’‘
co_335 Common Bean ontology 2019-10-09 -πŸ’‘
cdao Comparative Data Analysis Ontology 2022-11-30 -πŸ’‘
complexportal Complex Portal 2023-06-02 2023-06-02πŸ“₯
cdno Compositional Dietary Nutrition Ontology 2022-12-23 -πŸ’‘
cio Confidence Information Ontology 2015-03-10 -πŸ’‘
cro Contributor Role Ontology 2019-12-11 -πŸ’‘
cob Core Ontology for Biology and Biomedicine 2023-05-12 -πŸ’‘
cido Coronavirus Infectious Disease Ontology 1.0.337 2023-03-24πŸ“…
co_358 Cotton ontology 2020-01-03 -πŸ’‘
covoc CoVoc Coronavirus Vocabulary 2022-10-26 -πŸ’‘
co_340 Cowpea ontology 2019-10-09 -πŸ’‘
cdno Crop Dietary Nutrition Ontology 2021-02-06 -πŸ’‘
cryoem Cryo Electron Microscopy ontology 2021-03-09 -πŸ’‘
cteno Ctenophore Ontology 2016-10-19 -πŸ’‘
cto CTO: Core Ontology of Clinical Trials 1.0.0 2021-02-04πŸ“…
duo Data Use Ontology 2021-02-23 -πŸ’‘
DepMap 23Q2 2023-05-10πŸ“…
dicom DICOM Controlled Terminology 2023d_20230907 2023-09-28πŸ“…
ddpheno Dicty Phenotype Ontology (DDPHENO) 2020-06-19 -πŸ’‘
ddanat Dictyostelium discoideum anatomy 2020-04-13 -πŸ’‘
ddpheno Dictyostelium discoideum phenotype ontology 2023-08-26 -πŸ’‘
doid Disease Ontology 2023-08-08 2023-08-08πŸ“₯
DisGeNet 7 2021-02-01πŸ“₯
fbbt Drosophila Anatomy Ontology (DAO) 2021-03-11 -πŸ’‘
fbdv Drosophila development 2023-08-02 -πŸ’‘
fbbt Drosophila gross anatomy 2023-08-02 -πŸ’‘
dpo Drosophila Phenotype Ontology 2023-08-02 -πŸ’‘
dpo Drosophila Phenotype Ontology (DPO) 2021-03-11 -πŸ’‘
Drug Gene Interaction Database 2022-Feb 2022-02-01πŸ“₯
dideo Drug-drug Interaction and Drug-drug Interaction Evidence Ontology 2022-06-14 -πŸ’‘
drugbank DrugBank 5.1.10 2023-01-04πŸ“₯
drugcentral DrugCentral 53 2023-05-10πŸ“₯
ero eagle-i resource ontology 2016-07-27 -πŸ’‘
ecao Echinoderm Anatomy and Development Ontology 2020-05-22 -πŸ’‘
edam EDAM Ontology 17-07-2019 -πŸ’‘
mfoem Emotion Ontology 2022-07-19 -πŸ’‘
enm eNanoMapper Ontology 7.4 2022-07-20πŸ“…
enm eNanoMapper ontology 10.0 2023-09-28πŸ“…
ensembl Ensembl 109 2023-02-01πŸ“₯
ensemblglossary Ensembl Glossary 2023-01-04 -πŸ’‘
ecto Environment Exposure Ontology 2021-03-17 -πŸ’‘
envo Environment Ontology 2023-02-13 -πŸ’‘
eol Environment Ontology for Livestock 2018-09-13 -πŸ’‘
ecto Environmental conditions, treatments and exposures ontology 2023-02-14 -πŸ’‘
eco Evidence Code Ontology 2021-03-05 -πŸ’‘
eco Evidence ontology 2023-09-03 -πŸ’‘
eccode ExPASy 2023-09-13 -πŸ’‘
xco Experimental condition ontology 4.140 -πŸ’‘
efo Experimental Factor Ontology 3.58.0 2023-09-28πŸ“…
exo Exposure ontology 2022-06-29 -πŸ’‘
co_365 Fababean ontology 2019-10-15 -πŸ’‘
srao FAIRsharing Subject Ontology 0.3.0 2021-11-21πŸ“…
fypo Fission Yeast Phenotype Ontology 2023-09-06 -πŸ’‘
flopo Flora Phenotype Ontology 2019-09-09 -πŸ’‘
fbsp Fly taxonomy 2017-11-19 -πŸ’‘
flybase FlyBase 2023_05 -πŸ’‘
fbcv FlyBase Controlled Vocabulary 2023-08-02 -πŸ’‘
fbcv FlyBase Controlled Vocabulary (FBcv) 2021-03-11 -πŸ’‘
fbdv FlyBase Developmental Ontology (FBdv) 2021-03-10 -πŸ’‘
fma FMA 2020-04-13 -πŸ’‘
fideo Food Interactions with Drugs Evidence Ontology 2023-02-01 2023-05-11πŸ“…
foodon FoodOn Food Ontology 2021-03-20 -πŸ’‘
fma Foundational Model of Anatomy 2020-04-13 -πŸ’‘
fao Fungal gross anatomy 2020-05-07 -πŸ’‘
fovt FuTRES Ontology of Vertebrate Traits 2023-05-31 -πŸ’‘
gaz Gazetteer 2018-06-26 -πŸ’‘
gsso Gender, Sex, and Sexual Orientation Ontology 2.0.5 2021-11-14πŸ“…
gexo Gene Expression Ontology 2019-09-18 -πŸ’‘
go Gene Ontology 2023-07-27 2023-07-27πŸ“₯
geno GENO ontology 2020-03-08 -πŸ’‘
genepio Genomic Epidemiology Ontology 2023-08-19 -πŸ’‘
gecko Genomics Cohorts Knowledge Ontology 2021-01-18 -πŸ’‘
geno Genotype Ontology 2023-02-21 -πŸ’‘
geo GEO 2016-03-26 -πŸ’‘
geogeo Geographical Entity Ontology 2016-03-26 -πŸ’‘
gno Glycan Naming and Subsumption Ontology 2023-08-09 2023-09-28πŸ“…
gno Glycan Naming and Subsumption Ontology (GNOme) 1.7.2 2021-06-25πŸ“…
gno Glycan Naming Ontology 1.7.0 2021-03-08πŸ“…
co_337 Groundnut ontology 2019-10-09 -πŸ’‘
Guide to Pharmacology 2023.2 2023-04-26πŸ“₯
hso Health Surveillance Ontology 2021-12-13 -πŸ’‘
hgnc HGNC 2023-09-01 -πŸ’‘
hpath Histopathology Ontology 2019-07-05 -πŸ’‘
homologene HomoloGene 68 2021-03-02πŸ“…
hom Homology Ontology 2015-01-07 -πŸ’‘
hancestro Human Ancestry Ontology 2023-07-31 2023-09-28πŸ“…
hcao Human Cell Atlas Ontology 2022-12-16 -πŸ’‘
ehdaa2 Human developmental anatomy, abstract 2013-07-04 -πŸ’‘
hsapdv Human Developmental Stages 2020-03-10 -πŸ’‘
hp Human Phenotype Ontology 2023-09-01 -πŸ’‘
ccf Human Reference Atlas Common Coordinate Framework Ontology 2.2.1 2023-06-29πŸ“…
xlmod HUPO-PSI cross-linking and derivatization reagents controlled vocabulary 2019-10-28 -πŸ’‘
hao Hymenoptera Anatomy Ontology 2023-06-01 -πŸ’‘
htn Hypertension Ontology 2019-06-10 -πŸ’‘
htn Hypertension Ontology For Clinical Data 10-06-2019 -πŸ’‘
iceo ICEO: Ontology of Integrative and Conjugative Elements 2.1 2021-02-04πŸ“…
ido Infectious Disease Ontology 2017-11-03 -πŸ’‘
iao Information Artifact Ontology 2022-11-07 -πŸ’‘
ico Informed Consent Ontology 1.0.187 2021-04-14πŸ“…
ico Informed Consent Ontology (ICO) 1.0.187 2021-04-05πŸ“…
ino INO: Interaction Network Ontology 1.0.112 2021-02-02πŸ“…
intact IntAct 2023-06-02 2023-06-02πŸ“₯
iceo Integrative and Conjugative Element Ontology 2.1 2021-04-14πŸ“…
ino Interaction Network Ontology 1.1.13 2023-03-24πŸ“…
interpro InterPro 96.0 2023-09-14πŸ“₯
itis ITIS 31-Aug-2023 -πŸ’‘
kegg.pathway KEGG 107.1 2023-08-01πŸ“₯
biomodels.kisao Kinetic Simulation Algorithm Ontology 2.30 2021-10-15πŸ“…
biomodels.kisao KiSAO 2.14 2021-02-02πŸ“…
co_339 Lentil ontology 2019-10-09 -πŸ’‘
lepao Lepidoptera Anatomy Ontology 2023-02-18 -πŸ’‘
lbo Livestock Breed Ontology 2019-03-26 -πŸ’‘
co_322 Maize ontology 2019-10-09 -πŸ’‘
idomal Malaria Ontology 2015-03-16 -πŸ’‘
mfmo Mammalian Feeding Muscle Ontology 2013-11-16 -πŸ’‘
mp Mammalian Phenotype Ontology 2019-11-11 -πŸ’‘
ms Mass Spectrometry Controlled Vocabulary 21-11-2019 -πŸ’‘
ms Mass spectrometry ontology 4.1.131 -πŸ’‘
mamo Mathematical modeling ontology 2020-08-24 -πŸ’‘
mamo Mathematical Modelling Ontology 2020-08-24 -πŸ’‘
mmo Measurement method ontology 2.115 -πŸ’‘
olatdv Medaka Developmental Stages 2020-03-10 -πŸ’‘
maxo Medical Action Ontology 2023-06-06 -πŸ’‘
mfomd Mental Disease Ontology 2020-04-26 -πŸ’‘
mf Mental Functioning Ontology 2022-07-19 -πŸ’‘
mesh MeSH 2023 2023-03-24πŸ“…
msio Metabolomics Standards Initiative Ontology 1.0.1 2021-04-14πŸ“…
msio Metabolomics Standards Initiative Ontology (MSIO) 1.0.1 2021-02-02πŸ“…
mro MHC Restriction Ontology 2023-08-05 -πŸ’‘
miapa MIAPA Ontology 2017-05-09 -πŸ’‘
mco Microbial Conditions Ontology 2019-05-15 -πŸ’‘
miapa Minimum Anformation About a Phylogenetic Analysis Ontology 2017-05-09 -πŸ’‘
miapa Minimum Information for A Phylogenetic Analysis (MIAPA) Ontology 09-05-2017 -πŸ’‘
mpio Minimum PDDI Information Ontology 2019-01-30 -πŸ’‘
mirbase miRBase server. 2023-08-17πŸ“…
mi Molecular Interactions Controlled Vocabulary 2020-04-13 -πŸ’‘
mi Molecular Interactions Ontology 2020-04-13 -πŸ’‘
Molecular Oncology Almanac 2023-09-07 2023-09-07πŸ“₯
mop Molecular Process Ontology 2022-05-11 -πŸ’‘
mondo Monarch Disease Ontology 2022-12-01 -πŸ’‘
mondo Mondo Disease Ontology 2023-09-12 -πŸ’‘
mop MOP 2014-09-03 -πŸ’‘
tgma Mosquito gross anatomy ontology 2013-06-03 -πŸ’‘
miro Mosquito insecticide resistance 2014-05-14 -πŸ’‘
ma Mouse Adult Gross Anatomy 2017-02-07 -πŸ’‘
ma Mouse adult gross anatomy 2017-02-07 -πŸ’‘
emapa Mouse Developmental Anatomy Ontology 2023-05-05 -πŸ’‘
mmusdv Mouse Developmental Stages 2020-03-10 -πŸ’‘
emap Mouse gross anatomy and development, timed 2020-04-13 -πŸ’‘
mpath Mouse pathology ontology 2020-05-19 -πŸ’‘
msigdb MSigDB 2023.1 2023-03-24πŸ“…
co_346 Mungbean ontology 2019-10-09 -πŸ’‘
rxno Name Reaction Ontology 2021-12-16 -πŸ’‘
ncit National Cancer Institute Thesaurus 23.08d 2023-08-28πŸ“₯
ncbigene NCBI Gene daily 2021-01-03πŸ“…
ncbitaxon NCBI organismal classification 2021-12-14 -πŸ’‘
ncbitaxon NCBI Taxonomy 2023-09-19 -πŸ’‘
ncit NCI Thesaurus 21.05d 2021-05-28πŸ“…
nbo Neuro Behavior Ontology 2023-07-04 -πŸ’‘
ngbo Next Generation Biobanking Ontology 2022-10-05 -πŸ’‘
nmr NMR-instrument specific component of metabolomics investigations 1.1.0 2021-04-14πŸ“…
nomen NOMEN - A nomenclatural ontology for biological names 2019-04-17 -πŸ’‘
ncro Non-Coding RNA Ontology 2015-12-10 -πŸ’‘
npass NPASS 2.0 2023-03-24πŸ“…
nmr Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Controlled Vocabulary 1.1.0 2021-02-02πŸ“…
oae OAE: Ontology of Adverse Events 1.2.38 2021-03-09πŸ“…
co_350 Oat ontology 2019-10-09 -πŸ’‘
omo OBO Metadata Ontology 2023-08-23 -πŸ’‘
ontoneo Obstetric and Neonatal Ontology 2021-04-29 -πŸ’‘
ogg OGG: Ontology of Genes and Genomes 1.0.59 2021-02-04πŸ“…
ohmi OHMI: Ontology of Host-Microbiome Interactions 2019-09-17 -πŸ’‘
ohpi OHPI: Ontology of Host-Pathogen Interactions 02-10-2019 -πŸ’‘
omit OMIT 07-06-2019 -πŸ’‘
oncotree OncoTree 2021-11-02 2021-11-02πŸ“₯
ontoavida OntoAvida: ontology for Avida digital evolution platform 2021-09-01 -πŸ’‘
omiabis Ontologized MIABIS 2014-05-28 -πŸ’‘
ontoavida Ontology for Avida digital evolution platform 2022-03-15 -πŸ’‘
obib Ontology for Biobanking 2023-04-05 -πŸ’‘
obib Ontology for BIoBanking (OBIB) 2021-02-02 -πŸ’‘
obi Ontology for Biomedical Investigations 2023-07-25 -πŸ’‘
ogms Ontology for General Medical Science 2021-08-19 -πŸ’‘
ogi Ontology for genetic interval 2.0 2021-02-02πŸ“…
omit Ontology for MicroRNA Target dev -πŸ’‘
ons Ontology for Nutritional Studies Release version 1.2.3 -πŸ’‘
opl Ontology for Parasite Lifecycle 2021-01-28 -πŸ’‘
opl Ontology for Parasite LifeCycle 2023-08-28 -πŸ’‘
ornaseq Ontology for RNA sequencing (ORNASEQ) 2019-07-08 -πŸ’‘
aism Ontology for the Anatomy of the Insect SkeletoMuscular system 2023-04-14 -πŸ’‘
oae Ontology of Adverse Events 1.2.47 2023-05-11πŸ“…
oarcs Ontology of Arthropod Circulatory Systems 2019-04-18 -πŸ’‘
obcs Ontology of Biological and Clinical Statistics 2018-02-22 2023-05-11πŸ“…
oba Ontology of Biological Attributes 2023-08-24 -πŸ’‘
ogsf Ontology of Genetic Susceptibility Factor 2.0 2021-02-02πŸ“…
ohpi Ontology of Host Pathogen Interactions 2019-09-30 -πŸ’‘
ohmi Ontology of Host-Microbiome Interactions 2019-09-17 -πŸ’‘
omrse Ontology of Medically Related Social Entities 2023-09-20 -πŸ’‘
omp Ontology of Microbial Phenotypes 2023-09-01 -πŸ’‘
oostt Ontology of Organizational Structures of Trauma centers and Trauma Systems 2021-01-11 -πŸ’‘
oostt Ontology of Organizational Structures of Trauma centers and Trauma systems 2023-03-30 -πŸ’‘
opmi Ontology of Precision Medicine and Investigation 1.0.161 2023-05-11πŸ“…
micro Ontology of Prokaryotic Phenotypic and Metabolic Characters 1.5.1 2021-02-04πŸ“…
ornaseq Ontology of RNA Sequencing 2019-07-08 -πŸ’‘
om Ontology of units of Measure 2.0.46 2023-09-28πŸ“…
om Ontology of units of Measure (OM) 2.0.30 2021-03-16πŸ“…
ovae Ontology of Vaccine Adverse Events 1.0.34 2021-04-14πŸ“…
opmi OPMI: Ontology of Precision Medicine and Investigation 1.0.118 2021-02-04πŸ“…
ohd Oral Health and Disease Ontology 2023-07-22 -πŸ’‘
orphanet.ordo Orphanet Rare Disease Ontology 4.3 2023-09-28πŸ“…
orth Orthology Ontology This ontology is the second version of the orthology ontology first published in 2015 and available at . @authors T.M. de Farias, H. Chiba, J.T. Fernandez-Breis, E. Antezana, D. Kuznetsov, C. Dessimoz and F. Villiers. 2021-03-29πŸ“…
ovae OVAE: Ontology of Vaccine Adverse Events 1.0.34 2021-02-04πŸ“…
pathbank PathBank 2.0 2021-01-02πŸ“…
phipo Pathogen Host Interaction Phenotype Ontology 2023-09-07 -πŸ’‘
phipo Pathogen Host Interactions Phenotype Ontology 2021-03-11 -πŸ’‘
trans Pathogen Transmission Ontology 2022-10-10 -πŸ’‘
Pathway Commons 2023-03-24πŸ“…
pw Pathway Ontology 23-10-2019 -πŸ’‘
pw Pathway ontology 7.81 -πŸ’‘
pato PATO 2020-08-02 -πŸ’‘
co_327 Pearl millet ontology 2019-10-09 -πŸ’‘
psdo Performance Summary Display Ontology 1.0.1 2023-05-11πŸ“…
pfam Pfam 36.0 2023-09-18πŸ“…
pato Phenotype And Trait Ontology 2023-05-18 -πŸ’‘
phi PHI-base Ontology 2018-12-10 -πŸ’‘
fix Physico-chemical methods and properties 2020-04-13 -πŸ’‘
rex Physico-chemical process 2017-11-19 -πŸ’‘
co_341 Pigeonpea ontology 2019-11-18 -πŸ’‘
plana planaria-ontology 2022-03-02 -πŸ’‘
plana Planarian Anatomy and Schmidtea mediterranean Developmental Stage Ontology 2023-03-13 -πŸ’‘
planp Planarian Phenotype Ontology 2020-03-28 -πŸ’‘
planp Planarian Phenotype Ontology (PLANP) 2020-03-28 -πŸ’‘
peco Plant Environment Ontology 2020-08-21 -πŸ’‘
peco Plant Experimental Conditions Ontology 2023-07-25 -πŸ’‘
po Plant Ontology 2023-07-13 -πŸ’‘
ppo Plant Phenology Ontology 2018-10-26 -πŸ’‘
pso Plant Stress Ontology 2020-05-19 -πŸ’‘
to Plant Trait Ontology 2023-07-17 -πŸ’‘
pdumdv Platynereis Developmental Stages 2020-03-10 -πŸ’‘
pombase PomBase 2023-09-01 2023-09-01πŸ“₯
pco Population and Community Ontology 2021-05-03 -πŸ’‘
poro Porifera (sponge) ontology 2016-09-13 -πŸ’‘
poro Porifera Ontology 2016-10-06 -πŸ’‘
co_330 Potato ontology 2019-10-09 -πŸ’‘
pride PRIDE 05-11-2019 -πŸ’‘
probonto Probability Distribution Ontology 2.5.0 2021-04-14πŸ“…
probonto ProbOnto 2.5.0 2021-02-02πŸ“…
proco Process Chemistry Ontology 2022-04-11 2023-05-11πŸ“…
mod Protein modification 1.031.6 -πŸ’‘
mod Protein Modification Ontology 2020-04-14 -πŸ’‘
pr Protein Ontology 68.0 2023-03-24πŸ“…
prov PROV Namespace 2013-04-30 -πŸ’‘
pcl Provisional Cell Ontology 2023-02-27 -πŸ’‘
PubChem 2023-09-01 -πŸ’‘
rbo Radiation Biology Ontology 2023-09-05 -πŸ’‘
rgd Rat Genome Database 2023-08-18 -πŸ’‘
rs Rat Strain Ontology 6.205 -πŸ’‘
reactome Reactome 86 2023-09-18πŸ“…
rexo Regulation of Gene Expression Ontology 2019-04-11 -πŸ’‘
reto Regulation of Transcription Ontology 2019-09-17 -πŸ’‘
ro Relation Ontology 2023-08-18 -πŸ’‘
reproduceme REPRODUCE-ME Ontology 1.1 2021-02-02πŸ“…
rfam Rfam 14.9 2023-03-24πŸ“…
rhea Rhea 129 2023-09-13πŸ“₯
co_320 Rice ontology 2019-10-09 -πŸ’‘
rnao RNA ontology 2019-04-15 -πŸ’‘
rxno RXNO 2021-01-21 -πŸ’‘
rxnorm RxNorm 2023-09-05 -πŸ’‘
sgd Saccharomyces Genome Database R64-3-1 2021-04-21πŸ“₯
sepio Scientific Evidence and Provenance Information Ontology 2023-06-13 2023-09-28πŸ“…
sio Semanticscience Integrated Ontology 1.59 2023-05-11πŸ“…
so Sequence Ontology 2021-02-16 -πŸ’‘
so Sequence types and features ontology 2021-11-22 -πŸ’‘
scdo Sickle Cell Disease Ontology 2021-04-15 -πŸ’‘
snomedct SNOMED CT (International Edition) 2020-01-31 -πŸ’‘
sibo Social Insect Behavior Ontology 2015-06-15 -πŸ’‘
swo Software ontology 2023-03-05 2023-05-11πŸ“…
co_324 Sorghum ontology 2019-10-09 -πŸ’‘
spd Spider Ontology 1.0 -πŸ’‘
stato STATO: the statistical methods ontology RC1.4 2021-02-02πŸ“…
StringDB 12.0 2023-07-26πŸ“₯
co_360 Sugar Kelp trait ontology 2019-06-26 -πŸ’‘
sdgio Sustainable Development Goals Interface Ontology 2018-08-10 -πŸ’‘
co_331 Sweet Potato ontology 2019-10-09 -πŸ’‘
swisslipid SwissLipid 2023-07-02 -πŸ’‘
slm SwissLipids 2023-09-29 -πŸ’‘
swo SWO (The Software Ontology) 1.7 2021-02-02πŸ“…
symp Symptom Ontology 2022-11-30 -πŸ’‘
sbo Systems Biology Ontology 2021-08-28 -πŸ’‘
taxrank Taxonomic rank vocabulary 2016-04-15 -πŸ’‘
ncbitaxon Taxonomy 2021-02-15 -πŸ’‘
biomodels.teddy TEDDY 2014-04-24 -πŸ’‘
tao Teleost Anatomy Ontology 2012-08-10 -πŸ’‘
tto Teleost taxonomy ontology 2018-03-26 -πŸ’‘
biomodels.teddy Terminology for Description of Dynamics 2014-04-24 -πŸ’‘
t4fs terms4FAIRskills 2023-03-02 -πŸ’‘
amphx The Amphioxus Development and Anatomy Ontology 2020-12-18 -πŸ’‘
bcio The Behaviour Change Intervention Ontology 2023-08-30 -πŸ’‘
idocovid19 The COVID-19 Infectious Disease Ontology 2020-07-21 -πŸ’‘
dron The Drug Ontology 2023-08-17 -πŸ’‘
ecao The Echinoderm Anatomy and Development Ontology 2020-05-22 -πŸ’‘
foodon The Food Ontology 2023-05-03 -πŸ’‘
ogg The Ontology of Genes and Genomes 1.0.59 2021-04-14πŸ“…
ohd The Oral Health and Disease Ontology 2016-06-27 -πŸ’‘
pdro The Prescription of Drugs Ontology 2021-06-08 -πŸ’‘
rnao The RNA Ontology (RNAO): An Ontology for Integrating RNA Sequence and Structure Data 15-04-2019 -πŸ’‘
stato The Statistical Methods Ontology 1.4 2022-03-04πŸ“…
vido The Virus Infectious Disease Ontology 2020-08-25 -πŸ’‘
tads Tick Anatomy Ontology 2015-08-20 -πŸ’‘
txpo Toxic Process Ontology 2022-12-07 -πŸ’‘
txpo TOXic Process Ontology (TXPO) 2020/07/09 -πŸ’‘
uberon Uber Anatomy Ontology 2023-09-05 -πŸ’‘
uberon UBERON 2021-02-12 -πŸ’‘
umls UMLS 2023AA 2023-05-02πŸ“…
upheno Unified Phenotype Ontology 2017-10-31 -πŸ’‘
upheno Unified phenotype ontology (uPheno) 31-10-2017 -πŸ’‘
unimod Unimod 21-11-2019 -πŸ’‘
unimod Unimod protein modification database for mass spectrometry 2019-11-21 -πŸ’‘
upa Unipathway 2018-12-12 -πŸ’‘
uniprot UniProt 2023_04 2023-04-01πŸ“₯
uo Unit Ontology 2020-03-10 -πŸ’‘
uo Units of measurement ontology 2023-05-25 -πŸ’‘
vo Vaccine Ontology 1.1.245 2023-09-28πŸ“…
vario Variation Ontology 2018-11-09 -πŸ’‘
vario VariO 2018-11-09 -πŸ’‘
vbo Vertebrate Breed Ontology 2023-06-02 -πŸ’‘
vsao Vertebrate Skeletal Anatomy Ontology 2012-11-06 -πŸ’‘
vto Vertebrate Taxonomy Ontology 2020-11-13 -πŸ’‘
vt Vertebrate trait ontology 2019-06-07 -πŸ’‘
eupath VEuPathDB Ontology 2021-01-08 -πŸ’‘
eupath VEuPathDB ontology 2023-05-30 -πŸ’‘
co_356 Vitis ontology 2019-11-29 -πŸ’‘
owl Web Ontology Language $Date: 2009/11/15 10:54:12 $ -πŸ’‘
co_321 Wheat ontology 2019-10-09 -πŸ’‘
wikipathways WikiPathways 20230910 2023-09-10πŸ“₯
co_357 Woody Plant Ontology ontology 2019-11-18 -πŸ’‘
xao Xenopus Anatomy Ontology 2022-08-29 -πŸ’‘
xpo Xenopus Phenotype Ontology 2022-09-15 -πŸ’‘
co_343 Yam ontology 2019-10-09 -πŸ’‘
apo Yeast phenotypes 2022-03-23 -πŸ’‘
zfa Zebrafish anatomy and development ontology 2022-12-09 -πŸ’‘
zfs Zebrafish developmental stages ontology 2020-03-10 -πŸ’‘
zeco Zebrafish Experimental Conditions Ontology 2022-02-14 -πŸ’‘
zfin Zebrafish Information Network 2023-09-27 -πŸ’‘
zp Zebrafish Phenotype Ontology 2022-12-17 -πŸ’‘

Adding More Databases

More databases can be added by sending a pull request to biopragmatics/bioversions by following the contribution guidelines.

Databases are added by the following priority (high to low):

  1. By request or contribution
  2. Databases useful for the PyOBO project, aiming to convert all biomedical controlled vocabularies into OBO for general reuse
  3. Databases useful for the Bio2BEL project, aiming to convert all biological databases into the Biological Expression Language for general reuse and Bio2BEL projects
  4. Databases appearing in the Bioregistry, OLS, OBO Foundry, or MIRIAM
  5. Databases tweeted by the International Society of Biocuration (@biocurator)
  6. Databases I’ve seen during project work
  7. Serendipity!

Database Updates

The database is automatically updated daily thanks to scheduled workflows in GitHub Actions. The workflow’s configuration can be found here and the last run can be seen here. Further, a changelog can be recapitulated from the commits of the GitHub Actions bot.