Date: Monday, November 27th, 2023
Time: 9:00AM PT / 12:00PM EST / 18.00 CEST
Duration: 2 Hours
Where: Virtual

As a follow-up to the Winter 2022 Workshop on Prefixes, CURIEs, and IRIs, we are hosting the 2023 edition of the workshop with an emphasis on community discussion and the following goals:

  1. Reflect on progress since last year’s workshop
  2. Showcase new tools, workflow, and philosophies
  3. Collect and describe current use cases and pain points related to prefixes, prefix maps, CURIEs, and IRIs in the biomedical domain
  4. Provide a discussion forum on key issues


Name Affiliation Title
Charles Tapley Hoyt Northeastern University, USA Introduction and Bioregistry Updates
Nico Matentzoglu Semanticly, Greece Updating SSSOM-py to use the Bioregistry and curies
James McLaughlin EMBL-EBI Bioregistry in OLS4
Shawn ZK Tan Pharma How the CURIES Package is Used in Pharma

Notable discussions:

  1. Mary Ann Tuli gave a brief outline on plans for GigaScience to use the Bioregistry for standardizing CURIE references and resolving them in GigaDB.
  2. Roman Baum gave an update on how the German National Data Research Infrastructure (NFDI) consortia are using the Bioregistry in tandem with their custom OLS instances



Preparation for this workshop was funded by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) Award 2023-329850.